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 To organise an off-site collection service, get in contact with our scrap yard today.



Galway Metal Company Ltd offers clients all over Ireland a free off-site scrap metal collection service.

Our scrap collection services are available to industrial clients, agricultural clients and individuals.

Our scrap metal collection service can be easily organised by getting in contact with our scrap yard.

Galway Metal Company Ltd’s scrap metal collections are dependent on the grade and the quality of the scrap metal being collected. Sometimes, we may need to send out a rep to access the scrap metal before offering a price.


To enquire about our off-site collection services, get in contact with Galway Metal Company Ltd today.

Scrap Metal Collection Near Me

We offer a full scrap metal collection service to clients all over Ireland. Our collection service includes car collection and vehicle car collection services.

We provide:


Scrap Copper Collection

Scrap Zinc Collection

Scrap Lead Collection

Scrap Bronze Collection

Scrap Aluminium Collection

Scrap Stainless Steel Collection

Scrap Gun Metal Collection

Scrap Nickle Collection

Scrap Brass Collection

Steel Collection

Scrap Iron Collection

Scrap Cable Collection

Scrap Car Collection

For commercial collections, we offer clients lockable skips and schedule regular pick-ups.

Once-off collections and regular contractual scrap metal collections can be organised by getting in contact with our scrap yard.


To schedule an off-site collection service, get in contact with our customer service team today.

Off-Site Scrap Metal Collections FAQ

Do you offer scrap metal collection near me?

Yes, our scrap metal collection service is available to clients all over Ireland.

We can offer off-site collection services to clients. To organise our off-site collection service get in contact with our scrap metal collection team today. Sometimes it may be necessary for a rep to go and check the scrap metal before setting up a price.

Do you offer a free scrap metal collection service?

Yes, we offer free scrap metal collection services to clients in Ireland. Our scrap metal prices are based on the latest market rates.

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