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For full scrap car de-pollution services, get in contact with our scrap yard today.



Galway Metal Company Ltd’s scrap yard offers clients a full scrap car de-pollution service. Our de-pollution service is completed in our customer fitted facility by a team of scrap car de-pollution experts.

De-pollution is the first step in the scrappage process and involves the removal of all hazardous material from the vehicle.

Our scrap my car de-pollution services make sure that harmful chemicals and materials are prevented from contaminating the environment.

All horrendous materials removed from vehicles are responsibly disposed of by our scrap car experts.


 Scrap your car the responsible way by having our scrap yard team undertake our de-pollution services.

Vehicle And Car De-Pollution Process

Our scrappage experts are highly trained in the process of de-polluting a vehicle.

The hazardous materials we remove from scrap vehicles include:


Battery Acid

Lead Acid Batterie

Rubber Tyres

Petrol Tanks

Oils and Fuels (Both from the fuel tank with within the engine)

De-population is an environmentally responsible process designed to stop hazardous materials from seeping from scrapped cars and contaminating the environment.


For more information on our environmentally responsible de-pollution car scrappage services, get in contact with our scrap yard today.

De-Pollution FAQ

What is de-pollution?

De-pollution is a process in which hazardous chemicals and materials, like battery acid and fuel, are removed from a vehicle. De-pollution is often the first step in the car scrappage process.

Are all scrap vehicles subjected to the de-pollution procedure?

Yes, de-pollution is the first step in a car scrappage. All our de-pollution services are completed in our scrap yard.

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