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Galway Metal Company Ltd is a professional scarp yard that offers a full scrap car collection service. Our team of car scrap experts offer environmentally responsible car scrappage services. We offer competitive prices for collecting your scrap car along with offering the best scrap copper prices and aluminium scrap prices.

* Minimum collection of 4 cars

Our scrap yard services include:


Scrap Cars

Scrap Metal Recycling

Scrap Metal Collection

Off-Site Collection Services

Scrap Metal Processing


Why Choose Galway Metal Company Ltd?

Our objective is to offer the very best scrap metal prices for all metals including copper, aluminium, lead, brass, zinc, stainless steel and other metal products.

Scrap Yard

Our nationwide scrap yard has been serving clients all over Ireland for decades. We continue to offer competitive scrap metal prices


Competitive Car Scrap Prices

Our scrap yard offers competitive prices on our end of life vehicle scrappage services. Our prices are based on current market rates.

Metal Recycling

Our nationwide scrap yard is committed to recycling as much of the scrap car as possible.


To schedule a scrap car collection, get in contact with Galway Metal Company Ltd today.

Scrap Cars


Our scrap yard offers competitive prices on all scrap cars. Our scrap car service includes scrap car collection and a full end of life vehicle scrappage. Our de-pollution methods ensure an environmentally friendly scrap car disposal.

Scrap Metal Recycling


As one of Ireland' longest established scrap yards, we offer the highest standard of scrap metal recycling. For the best scrap copper prices and aluminium scrap prices, get in contact with our scrap yard and organise a scrap metal pick-up today.

Scrap Metal Collection


To clients all over Ireland, we offer an in-depth scrap metal collection service. Our scrap metal collection service offers the best scrap copper prices and aluminium scrap prices. We collect and recycle a huge range of metal.

Off-Site Collection Services


We make every effort to offer a fast, reliable and convenient scrap metal collection service to clients all over Ireland. We offer a scrap metal off-site collection service. Which collects scrap metal for recycling and processing.

Scrap Metal Processing


Our scrap yard offers professional and environmentally responsible scrap metal processing. Our scrap metal processing services include processing and recycling scrap metal, scrap steel, copper, aluminium, lead and zinc.



Galway Metal Company Ltd completes full de-pollution services from our scrap yard. De-pollution is the process of removing hazardous materials from a vehicle before the full scrappage begins. De-pollution ensures an environmentally friendly car scrappage service.


For the best scrap copper prices and aluminium scrap prices, get in contact with our scrap yard today.

Galway Metal Company Ltd. Part of the Oran Metal Group

Oran Metal Group


Oran Metal Group – founded in the Oranmore County of Galway in the 1970s – has successfully processed and exported countless tons of secondary and scrap metals to global markets.

Limerick Metal Company Ltd


Scrap Metal Prices provide clients throughout Limerick and the surrounding areas with exceptional scrap metal recycling and collection services. As a professional scrap yard, they are committed to maintaining the highest standards in the industry. Their services include accepting a range of scrap metals, including off-site scrap metal, waste scrap metal, and scrap cars, and they offer competitive prices for aluminium and copper scrap.

Scrap Metal Collection


A1 Metal Recycling, located in Co. Laois, is a renowned company specialising in metal recycling services. They purchase scrap metal from clients nationwide and have over 50 years of experience in the industry. With their expertise, they can assist clients in making informed decisions regarding the most efficient methods of disposing of their metals to obtain the best price. Their Acragar, Mountmellick, Co. Laois's premises facilitate the gathering, processing, and trading of metals.

Galway Metal Company Ltd FAQ

How much will I get for scrapping my car?

We base the price of the car scrappage on the latest market rates. All cars are scrapped in our scrap yard.

What scrap metal do you recycle in your scrap yard?

The scrap metal and the scrap steel we recycle includes:

  • Copper

  • Zinc

  • Lead

  • Aluminium

  • Bronze

  • Stainless Steel

  • Nickle

  • Brass Steel

  • Cable

  • Iron

I need a scrap yard near me. What areas do you service?

We are a nationwide scrap yard that services all Ireland. We do our best to accommodate your scrap metal recycling needs.

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